Kiss My Blarney Stones

The irony associated with my very close ties to Ireland,  is that I don't have a drop of Irish blood in me. But as a result of  twists of fate, bad luck, stupid decisions, divine intervention and Murphys Law,  fate has determined that I will be forever linked to a country that has offered me more than I could've ever expected to receive and delivered more life lessons than I care to remember.  I called it home for 25+ years, but the reality is that I will be linked to Ireland forever. I've lived and worked, drank, laughed, fought, shagged (all inextricably linked), married, sired and divorced in Ireland. I believe I paid taxes there too. So as a testament to an unlikely yet distinct life lived in Ireland, I honor those memories with this site.

The About page will get into more detail about my history and highlight accomplishments and projects. You can access my blog by clicking here or the tab above.If you want to get a message to me go to the contact page. Or, you can comment on the blog.

If you are looking into taking a trip to Ireland and require professional planning services or some free advice,  I am in a position to consult regarding what it is you'd like to do, where to go and stay, where you can make great savings, and where you won't. Where a rental car will be useful and where it wont. I have both personal & professional connections and experience that very few outside of Ireland have, developed over 25 years of working in the Golf & Hospitality industry there. Whether its teeing it up on any number of world class courses or on local gems, staying at Grand Resorts or traditional B & B's, whatever it is you are looking to do, your trip to Ireland will be authentic. For more info, visit my Travel to Ireland page.

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